It is our goal to educate each of our clients regarding the advantages of “going green” and help to preserve our precious environment for future generations.

Total Quality is excited and proud to announce that we have been awarded certification under GS42, Green Seal’s standard for commercial cleaning services that helps protect human health and the environment. After a stringent application process and an on-site audit, we are now licensed to provide this Green Seal™ certified service to our customers.

GS-42 is the most comprehensive and rigorous standard available for the cleaning service industry. As the first multi-attribute, life-cycle-based cleaning service standard, it establishes a roadmap to developing a service with the biggest impact reduction for both the environment and human health. This is especially important for those facilities wishing to achieve LEED certification, as the GS-42 program exceeds the LEED requirements for janitorial services categories.

Certification under GS-42 guarantees that Total Quality uses products and equipment that have less impact on the environment, and has adopted processes and procedures that help protect the health of workers and building occupants. Green cleaning — high performance cleaning that helps protect health and the environment — is in demand. Many contractors claim to offer a “green” service. Now, with Green Seal™ certification, you can be assured that you are hiring a service that is truly green in every key aspect of its operation.

We at Total Quality are confident that our future growth will only continue to be successful with the confirmation and certification of our Green Cleaning Program “Green Cleaning the TQ Way.” Total Quality is a local leader in providing cleaning that is safer for the environment and has been so for over the last decade. Now, in conjunction with our GS-42 Certification, all buildings that we service have been or will be converted to our Green Cleaning the TQ Way Program.